Corporate Overview


Myanmar Metals Limited (ASX: MYL) is a Myanmar-focused minerals exploration and development Company.

In 2017 the Company identified and secured an option over a very significant opportunity that could establish Myanmar Metals as  a zinc metal miner in Myanmar. This can be achieved in the short-medium term by producing metals concentrates (principally lead/zinc/silver) from a potential open pit at Bawdwin and in the longer term by producing metals concentrates from the Great Bawdwin Mine if successful modern exploration shows that Bawdwin can be reopened as a safe, modern, high-productivity underground mine.


The Company also controls through farm-in arrangements with Merlin Diamonds Ltd (ASX: MED), and in its own right, one of the largest portfolios of highly prospective exploration tenements in the Northern Territory of Australia.

The Company has mineral rights other than diamonds for the farm-in tenements and holds all mineral rights for two tenements held in its own name.

The current and primary focus of Myanmar Metals’ exploration is its base metal project located in Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory Australia.