The following are all ASX announcements for Myanmar Metals Limited from 19th June 2017:

20/06/2018 Bawdwin Media Interview (2)

19/06/2018 Bawdwin Option Exercised

19/06/2018 Director Appointment-Mr Paul Arndt

19/06/2018 FORM 603 Notice of Substantial Shareholding-Perilya Ltd

15/06/2018 Appendix 3B (2)

14/06/2018 Prospectus (1)

14/06/2018 Perilya Ltd Confirms FIRB Green Light (1)

08/06/2018 ASX Waiver Granted Perilya Anti-Dilution Right (1)

07/06/2018 $35 Million Share Placement Completed Oversubscribed (1)

05/06/2018 Chairmans Address To Shareholders

05/06/2018 Results of Meeting

05/06/2018 Investor Presentation

05/06/2018 Trading Halt

25/05/2018 MYL Investor Teleconference

25/05/2018 Chairman’s Letter to Shareholders

25/05/2018 Addendum To Notice of General Meeting

25/05/2018 Strategic Allinace With Perilya and Binding Finance Commitments of $19.1M To Fully Fund Bawdwin Option Exercise

22/05/2018 Argonaut Research Note Myanmar Metals-Resource upgrade–Option exercised

22/05/2018 Updated Bawdwin Resource With Substantial Indicated Classification

16/05/2018 Investor Presentation May 2018

16/05/2018 Details of Company Address

09/05/2018 Drilling Results Reinforce Bawdwin Open-Pit Potential

04/05/2018 Notice of Meeting

02/05/2018 Bawdwin Project Further De-Risked After Government Advice

02/05/2018 BoardRoom Media Interview With CEO John Lamb

01/05/2018 Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice

01/05/2018 Appendix 3B Issue of New Shares

27/04/2018 March 2018 Quarterly Report

11/04/2018 Argonaut Research Note

05/04/2018 Mines and Money Presentation Hong Kong

04/04/2018 Bawdwin Video Presentation

28/03/2018 Boardroom Media Interview

28/03/2018 MYL And WMM Secure Major Myanmar Industrial Company To Invest In Bawdwin Project

20/03/2018 Outstanding Silver, Base Metals and Cobalt Drilling Results From Bawdwin

14/03/2018 Half Year Financial Report To December 2017

6/03/2018 High Grade Copper Mineralisation Defined At Bawdwin

02/03/2018 Key Geological Appointment

01/03/2018 Bawdwin Exploration Potential

22/02/2018 Appointment of Argonaut as Financial Adviser For The Bawdwin Project

14/02/2018 Appointment Of Executive Director

1/02/2018 Hunter Capital Research Report on Myanmar Metals

31/01/2018 December 2017 Quarterly Report

25/01/2018 Investor Presentation January 2018

18/01/2018 Shareholder Update-Drilling Underway at Bawdwin

19/12/2017 Scoping Study Indicates Robust Development Option For Bawdwin Project

13/12/2017 Appendix 3B Option Exercise

8/12/2017 Boardroom Media Interview With Chairman John Lamb

7/12/2017 Market Update-Progress on Bawdwin Pb Zn Ag Cu Project

4/12/2017 Amended Header-Bawdwin Inferred Mineral Resource Increase

1/12/2017 Bawdwin Mineral Resource Increase

23/11/2107 Form 604 Change In Substantial Holding Yandal Investments

20/11/2017 Appendix 3B Capital Raising

17/11/2017 Prospectus

15/11/2017 MYL Completes $7M Capital Raising

13/11/2017 Trading Halt

9/11/2017 Appendix 3B Exercise of Options

2/11/2017 Appendix 3Y Director’s Interest Notice

2/11/2017 Becoming A Substantial Holder-Yandal Investments

31/10/2017 Sept 2017 Quarterly Report (1)

31/10/2017 Appendix 3B Yandal Loan Conversion and Performance Rights (1)

30/10/2017 Yandal Converts Loans and Becomes Largest Shareholder

27/10/2017 Appendix 3B Option exercise

23/10/2017 Results of Annual General Meeting

23/10/2017 Chairmans AGM Presentation

18/10/2017 Appendix 3B Option exercise

19/10/2017 Boardroom Media Interview with Chairman John Lamb

17/10/2017 Bawdwin Lead-Zinc-Silver-Copper Project Mineral Resource Estimate

12/10/2017 Appendix 3B

11/10/2017 Myanmar Metals Board Site Visit to Bawdwin Pb Zn Cu Mine

6/10/2017 Appendix 4G

6/10/2017 Corporate Governance Statement 2017

6/10/2017 Annual Report to Shareholders

4/10/2017 Boardroom Media Chairman Interview

3/10/2017 Appointment of Executive Chairman and CEO

2/10/2017 Full Year Statutory Accounts

22/09/2017- Notice of Annual General Meeting/ Proxy Form

14/09/2017 Drilling and Channel Sampling Results at Bawdwin Project

13/09/2017- Appendix 3B

1/09/2017 Change of Name and New Website 

24/08/2017 Update on Cornerstone Resources Option

24/08/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notices – Lamb Moore Caren

21/08/2017 Appendix 3B

21/08/2017 Reinstatement to Official Quotation

21/08/2017 Completion of $3 Million Capital Raising

18/08/2017 Constitution

18/08/2017 Results of Meeting

18/08/2017 Ceasing to be a substantial holder

18/08/2017 Chairman’s Address to Shareholders

17/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

14/08/2017 Disclosure Document

11/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

08/08/2017 Bawdwin Mine Due Diligence and Capital Raising Update

04/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

03/08/2017 Key Appointment and Capital Raising Update

31/07/2017 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

24/07/2017 Change in substantial holding

17/07/2017 ASX Waiver Granted

17/07/2017 Notice of General Meeting-Proxy Form

14/07/2017 Top End Minerals Corporate Update

03/07/2017 TND Confirms Payment of Bawdwin Option Fee

22/06/2017 Final Director’s Interest Notice – Tyrrwhit Lee Gutnick

22/06/2017 Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Lamb Moore Caren

21/06/2017 Details of Company Address

21/06/2017 Suspension from Official Quotation

19/06/2017 Director Appointment-Resignation

19/06/2017 Trading Halt