The following are ASX announcements for Myanmar Metals Limited from 19th June 2017:

24/08/2017 Update on Cornerstone Resources Option

24/08/2017 Change of Director’s Interest Notices – Lamb Moore Caren

21/08/2017 Appendix 3B

21/08/2017 Reinstatement to Official Quotation

21/08/2017 Completion of $3 Million Capital Raising

18/08/2017 Constitution

18/08/2017 Results of Meeting

18/08/2017 Ceasing to be a substantial holder

18/08/2017 Chairman’s Address to Shareholders

17/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

14/08/2017 Disclosure Document

11/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

08/08/2017 Bawdwin Mine Due Diligence and Capital Raising Update

04/08/2017 Change in substantial holding

03/08/2017 Key Appointment and Capital Raising Update

31/07/2017 Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report

24/07/2017 Change in substantial holding

17/07/2017 ASX Waiver Granted

17/07/2017 Notice of General Meeting-Proxy Form

14/07/2017 Top End Minerals Corporate Update

03/07/2017 TND Confirms Payment of Bawdwin Option Fee

22/06/2017 Final Director’s Interest Notice – Tyrrwhit Lee Gutnick

22/06/2017 Initial Director’s Interest Notice – Lamb Moore Caren

21/06/2017 Details of Company Address

21/06/2017 Suspension from Official Quotation

19/06/2017 Director Appointment-Resignation

19/06/2017 Trading Halt