To us, sustainability means responsibly managing the human and natural resources of today to improve present and future environmental and social outcomes. Operating sustainability with strong governance is the means by which we will achieve lasting benefits for stakeholders and the environment and is therefore a core principle of our operations.

Myanmar Metals Limited will

  • Act ethically and transparently with stakeholders
  • Ensure a safe and healthy workplace
  • Be responsible custodians of the environment
  • Respect human rights and the customs of stakeholders
  • Be gender inclusive
  • Engage with local communities to provide employment opportunities and improve essential infrastructure and services
  • Comply with all laws and regulations as they apply to our business
  • Employ best mining practises to maximise the value realised for all stakeholders


Environmental management and monitoring strategies is a priority of the Bawdwin JV. Key aspects of our environmental management plan include:

  • Water usage, efficiencies, treatment and sustainability
  • Proactive management of environmental hazards and incidents
  • Effective management of tailings and waste
  • Planning for site rehabilitation and mine closure
  • Environmental training and awareness
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory guidelines
  • Community and stakeholder consultation


The Bawdwin JV’s investment in the Bawdwin area goes beyond the mine. We are committed to developing short, medium and long term strategies to address the community’s desire and need for jobs. We will provide education and training and undertake in social investment programmes. We will offer opportunities for small businesses to build local supply chains for the mine and develop quality infrastructure that can improve community livelihoods while also serving the project.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of all employees, contractors and visitors is essential to our business.

We are committed to developing and operating the Bawdwin project in safe manner which meets international standards. A safety conscious culture has been embraced by our leaders, employees and contractors through education, training and the delegation of responsibilities and accountability.

Our goal of developing and maintaining a healthy, safe workplace is achievable through a strong culture and a proactive approach to caring for each other and the environment we work in.